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Services Designed with Your Community in Mind!

VanMor provides you with innovative programs and processes that can save time and money. We help you find the right vendors to partner with to meet your association’s special needs. We assign a Community Association Manager to work directly for your Board of Directors to oversee operations and financial matters; developing budgets and monitoring their status; managing staff and maintenance needs, and so much more.

  • Full Service Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Architectural Support
  • Administrative Support

Our full service management completely addresses your association’s needs. The following explains what you can expect:

  • Collect dues, fees, and assessments in the name of the Association and deposit all funds into a secured custodial FDIC insured account set up for the Association.
  • Review all invoices before payment for accuracy, pay invoices when due, and take any allowable discounts. Act upon, with the approval of the Board of Directors, any areas where cost cutting can be achieved.
  • Furnish to the Board of Directors a monthly income and expense report complete with an itemized list of disbursements, operating account balances, and list of delinquent homeowners.
  • Review delinquent owners each month and take whatever action possible to remedy those delinquencies.
  • Advise the Board of Directors of any legal action we should take to collect funds due the Association and the appropriate way to take such action.
  • Assist the Board of Directors in the preparation of an annual budget, along with line item explanations where needed.
  • Assist in the preparation of long range planning, for budgeting necessary reserves for large capital expenses, to avoid special assessments.
  • Assist in the specifications for projects such as grounds maintenance, painting, service contracts, etc., and obtain bids for review and acceptance by the Board of Directors.
  • Supervise and communicate with contractors to maintain quality work, cost control, and timely performance.
  • Keep accurate owner records.
  • Prepare, as needed, any information for attorneys, auditors, or accountants.

Annual Budget Preparation

Assist Board of Directors in preparation of the annual budget to reflect all known and anticipated income and expenses. The manager will analyze and compare the current year with the proposed budget. Year to date analysis is done monthly.

Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements

All pertinent monthly financial statements will be prepared and delivered to the Board of Directors.

Annual Assessment Collection

All necessary actions to collect the annual assessment will be taken by the management team. These will usually include mailing the bills, overseeing the posting of receipts and mailing delinquency notices and initiating the appropriate action with legal counsel when necessary. A monthly statement will be provided of collection status.

Maintenance of Financial Files

All accounting and related financial statements are maintained according to your community’s records retention policy.

Routine Property Inspections

The association manager will make routine inspections of the community. Based on these inspections, recommendations will be made for repair and maintenance of any deficiencies observed.

Architectural Modification Control

The association manager will process requests of homeowners to make architectural modifications to their property. The manager will be responsible for distributing written notification to the homeowner of the decision. Violation letters will also be sent to homeowners who fail to comply with the Association Architectural Guidelines. On the scheduled drive through, the manager will check for violations throughout the community. The Board will be provided a monthly log of Violations.

Maintenance of all Architectural Related Files

The association manager will maintain copies of all architectural modification packets, any associated correspondence, violation letters, architectural modification logs and violation logs.